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Branding & Wedding Photographer

with Noemi Garcia

The magic of photography

lies in its ability to capture unique, instantaneous moments, capturing the emotion and beauty of the present moment.

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Photography experience

Based in Switzerland and Spain

Branding Photography

For your business

If you have photos, designs, and an identity that you're proud of, you can combine the authentic you with the entrepreneurial spirit within you. This approach will help create a website that resonates with your audience and effectively communicates your story and values.

Build more Confident

Workshop or individual session

It’s not just a shoot, it’s an experience

Photography can transform the way you see yourself. It's also an excellent therapy for regaining confidence in yourself. Explore my workshops where I merge personal development, sharing circles, & photography."

Wedding Photography

Bohemian & Natural Style

Bohemian weddings are perfect for couples seeking something free-spirited, romantic, ethereal, and personalized. My humorous personality and creativity will put you at ease, as well as your guests.

Some of my capture

Discover Call?

Hey! I am Noemi

I’m all about capturing authentic moments that uplift the soul. My vision is to elevate the energy of our world and enhance well-being by highlighting what truly matters. With each photo, I aim to share positive energy and empower others to shine. Let’s embark on this journey together, capturing the beauty of life and spreading joy along the way.


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